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Red Ivie Hairdressing has available for sale the products we use. In being a professional hairdressing salon we are able to provide you with the best advice and styling tips to help you achieve the best from your hair.

De Lorenzo available at Red Ivie Hairdressing

De Lorenzo professional salon colours and home colour maintenance ranges are developed using natural botanical extracts, UV inhibitors and designed to provide superior shine, longevity. De Lorenzo Novacolor Professional salon colours are the only professional colour products made in Australia specifically for our climate.



Evo available at Red Ivie Hairdressing
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Get ready to unleash a world of sultry waves, gorgeous volume and sleek straight hair. Choose your your style with the Original Iron, Maxi Iron, or Micro Iron.


Olaplew available at Red Ivie Hairdressing

EVO Hair Care is an Australian brand that has one goal, to shake up the beauty industry all while being environmentally friendly. EVO has a range of styling products, take home colour treatments, and shampoos to help you get the most out of your hair.



Protect and repair your hair with Olaplex. Olaplex is a bond treatment designed to help strengthen your hair. In salon Olaplex treatments are available to add on to colour treatments or as stand alone treatments. There is also a number of take home treatments such as bond smoothers, shampoos, and conditioners.


Stay Styled available at Red Ivie Hairdressing

Stay styled naturally with Stay Styled satin pillow slips. The satin material prevents snagging and breakage to the hair follicles while protecting your hair and ensuring lasting style.


Fabuloso available at Red Ivie Hairdressing

Instantly refresh and revitalise your colour with Evo Fabuloso! Evo Fabuloso repairs you're hair while adding tone and shine to your colour. Evo Fabuloso is available off the shelf in a range of colours or can be mixed to perfectly match your colour. 


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