For lovers of ethically sourced full bodied black tea

  • Bold
  • Full Bodied
  • Antioxidants


Ingredients: Kerala Small Farmers Project Black Tea, Ceylon Black Tea with a pinch of Blue flower petals


Love, Love, Love this Tea.

As we like to say it's Better than an English Breakfast.

It's bold, it's ethical and it's sustainable.

Premium quality


Full-bodied perfect black or sweet and white


Weight: 100g / 40 cups

Contains Caffeine

South Coast Black Tea ~ Wildfire Organic Tea

  • 100G

  • All our Teas are Organic, hand-blended and are small batch

    Our packaging is 100% recycled Australian cardboard and a cellulose 100% biodegradable interior

    Good for your health, the farmer, the picker and the planet