GK Hair Deep Conditioner treats damaged hair by penetrating deep into hair shafts hydrating hair and leaving it  nourished and conditioned. Formulated to restore hair weakened by chemicals and heat styling to its natural state. 


  • Strengthens hair weakened by chemical services, heat styling and environmental effects 

  • Smooths hair surface by closing the cuticle layers 

  • Evens the porosity of the hair 

  • Great to use before the GK Hair Taming System treatment


  • Juvexin: nourishes and fortifies the hair
  • Anti-Static Agents: coat the hair with moisture
  • Natural Grain Extracts: natural proteins that strengthen the hair to protect each strand against damage
  • Natural Jojoba Seed Oil: delivers hydration to the hair, leaving the hair nourished and conditioned

GK Deep Conditioner Masque

  • 200g

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