Rising Star - 2nd year apprentice

Mary joined the Red Ivie Hairdressing team in January 2018. During 2018 Mary completed Certificate 2 in Retail as a school based reception trainee. Now Mary is into her 2nd year of her apprenticeship as a Red Ivie '"Rising Star" and well on her way to learning all the skills of a Certificate 3 Hairdresser.


Why did you become a hairdresser?

- I became a hairdresser because I love the creativity that is involved with doing hair. Also I love to make my clients feel great about their hair and themselves! 


What do you love about hairdressing?

- I love being able to use my creative, artistic abilities as well to help clients achieve great results in their hair that they may not be able to get by themselves.


What product can you not live without?

- Satur8 & Instant Restructurant


3 words to describe you...

- Happy

- Friendly

- Helpful

Mary is available

Tuesday - 2pm - 6.30pm

Wednesday - 9.30am to 5.30pm

Thursday - 9.30am to 8.30pm

Friday - 9.30am to 6pm

Saturday - 9am to 3pm

Mary Telford

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